“How Do Voters Evaluate the Age of Politicians?” by Charles McClean and Yoshikuni Ono

Authors: Charles McClean (UCSD) and Yoshikuni Ono (Waseda). Abstract: Elected officials tend to be older than most of the constituents they represent. Is this because voters generally prefer older politicians over younger leaders? We investigate this question by conducting two novel survey experiments in Japan where we ask respondents to evaluate the photographs of hypothetical […]

“Environmental Protection after Civil War: A Difference-in-Geographic-Discontinuity Approach” Kyosuke Kikuta and Yuta Kamahara

Authors: Kyosuke Kikuta (Osaka University) and Yuta Kamahara (Yokohama National University) Abstract: Despite the fact that civil war devastates the environment, we still do not understand the roles of environmental policies in post-conflict countries, often having a pessimistic view without empirical evidence. We challenge this view by arguing that the introduction of independent monitoring mechanisms […]

“Open to Authoritarian Nostalgia? Personality, Identity, and the Politics of Authoritarian Nostalgia” by Sanghoon Kim

Author: Sanghoon Kim (University of Illinois) Abstract: Why do voters popularly elect parties associated with former dictatorships? Democratic rule has been the modal political system since the Third Wave of democratization, but the legacies of authoritarian rule still drive political behavior in many new democracies. Politicians often win elections by evoking the achievements of a […]