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AOPSSS #12 “Guilt by Association: Do Dissident Allies Undermine Public Support for Land Protests in Authoritarian Regimes”

In our twelfth AOPSSS session, Paul Schuler (University of Arizona) and Mai Truong (University of Arizona) presented their paper on how dissident allies affect public support for land protests in authoritarian regimes. [Paper] Using an original Internet based survey experiment from Vietnam, they show that dissident endorsements with a radical message reduces support for land protests. Dawn Brancati (Yale), Yesola Kweon (Utah State), and Yao Li (Florida), and Carlyle A. Thayer (UNSW) offered detailed feedback on a range of conceptual, theoretical, and empirical issues. This paper will be of great interest to anyone researching dissent in authoritarian contexts!

If you have any questions or comments for the authors, please add them below!

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