“Figurines and Doyennes: The Selection of Female Ministers in Autocracies and Democracies” by Stuart Bramwell, Hikaru Yamagishi, & Jacob Nyrup

Authors: Stuart Bramwell (Oxford), Hikaru Yamagishi (Yale), and Jacob Nyrup (Oxford). Abstract: In this article, we show that democracy promotes women's access into the highest echelons of power. To explain why we present a novel theoretical framework and argue that democratic leaders have more women to choose from when picking candidates for ministerial positions and need to […]

“Bounded Culture? The Concept of Culture and Its Relation to the Nation State” by Plamen Akaliyski, Michael Harris Bond, and Christian Welzel

Registration required! Authors: Plamen Akaliyski (Keio University), Michael Harris Bond (Hong Kong Polytechnic University), and Christian Welzel (Leuphana University). Abstract: Nation states have been questioned as meaningful units for analyzing culture. We underline that culture is always a collective phenomenon, and it is commonly understood as the prevalent values in a society that underlie its […]

“Nationalism and Shared Democratic Identity” by Jiyoung Ko

Registration required! Author: Jiyoung Ko (Bates) Abstract: Nationalism is known for its deleterious effect in international relations: when nationalistic sentiments are stimulated, people tend to prefer hawkish foreign policy and call […]